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New and Exciting!

Dr. Lentz

Ideal Metabolic Health & Body

At Direct Family Care we pride ourselves on the great care we give all of our patients. That being said, we are now offering some non-primary care through Ideal Metabolic Health & Body.

Ideal Metabolic Health - this program is led by Dr. Lentz. She will guide you over 12 weeks, looking into more than calories and exercise as a means to lose weight and reverse disease. She will work to personalize your program based on nutrition, activity level, stress level, sleep and overall health profile. This program is based on real whole food with the goal to make it sustainable for life. We will use medications to help with goals as needed.

& Body We realize that looking good significantly affects the way we feel, so we have recently added the EvolveX Transform and the EmpowerRF from InMode. With these we can modify skin tightness and muscle tone as well as melt away fat. We can tighten the skin almost anywhere on the face and body that is desired using Hands Free Transform and Morpheus8. We can also significantly improve if not completely resolve some women's health issues including stress and urge incontinence and some menopausal effects.

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